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Essay Proposal Example

The essay topic chosen is on Alzheimer’s Disease and Nutrition. My essay will investigate just how statistical arguments have been used in the debate on whether or not nutrition and lifestyle has an impact on Alzheimer’s disease.

At the Core of My Research Are a Recent Book and an Article:

  • Solfrizzi V, Panza F, Frisardi V, et al. Diet and Alzheimers disease risk factors or prevention: the current evidence.Expert Rev Neurother. 2011 May;11(5):677-708.
  • Nutrition and Alzheimer’s Disease, by Dr. Steve Black, ScD (2008) New York: The Free Press.

The first article concentrates on the facts that link together diet and Alzheimer’s disease and what puts people at risk for this disease. The article lays out arguments and statistics and the current evidence to support the link between Alzheimer’s and diet.

I will also refer to the book Nutrition and Alzheimer’s Disease, this book provides an extensive look at the relation between diet and the disease and will be able to provide my essay with statistical facts that will help link the two issues together.

I am looking to show that despite some apprehension from several medical groups, there is statistical proof that links together Alzheimer’s disease and the nutrition and diet of those who get the condition and I believe both this book and article will provide a good base to build my thesis on.

A Tentative Outline of This Essay Is:

  1.  Introduction
  2. Summary of Solfrizzi and Frisardi article
    1. Listing of statistics used in the article that point to a link between Alzheimer’s and diet
  3. Summary of Nutrition and Alzheimer’s Disease
    1. Basic summary of Dr. Black’s stance
    2. Facts used to support the link of diet and Alzheimer’s
  4. Critique: Here I will outline whether a look at statistics is the right approach to analyzing the link between Alzheimer’s and diet and whether these statistics help to build a valid argument for those on either side of the spectrum.
  5. Explanation of the data provided by both sources and whether or not it is relevant for or against the thesis statement that Alzheimer’s and diet are related.
  6. Data charts: These will be used to help better represent the data and statistics often used in this argument.
  7. Conclusion

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