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Essay Proposal Template

If you are looking for an essay proposal template to help guide your essay proposal writing process, the template will provide you with the guide that you are looking for.

  •  The Topic

-  Title. This will tell the reader the specific focus of the paper. Should be interesting and engaging.

-  Topic. A Description of the topic being discussed in the essay; including definitions of any key terms being used in the proposal or actual paper.

  •  Presentation of Research Question

-  Thesis or Research Question. Will narrow down your focus from your topic and provide a single question that you will be answering or a simple thesis that you will be looking to prove. This section should be clear, concise and in as much detail as possible.

  •  Relevance to Field of Study

-  Significance of the work. What is the importance of the work? How does it relate to the relevant field? Why is the question being answered in this essay important. How does it not only relate to your field of study but to the outside world.

-  Origin of Topic. Explain whose work you are building your essay of off, the work or findings that have inspired your thesis, and what bodies of information you will add to once your essay is complete.

-  Discussion of Pertinent Theories. Review important arguments, theories and debates on your topic; setting the stage for why it is so important for you to provide the answer to your proposed research presence.

  •  Steps of Argument

-  Structure of the Essay. List all essay sections and subjections

-  Linking the Data. Link together your empirical data to the theoretical debates reviewed previously in a concise sentence stating “I will examine by examining type of data.”

  •  Methodology

-  Explanation of how you will gather or generate data. List sources that will be relied on or documents and tools you will create to gather data (i.e. surveys).

-  If you will be conducting an experiment make sure you are specific on who you will be surveying and if you have gone through the proper IRB steps to be approved for research.

  •  Bibliography

-  List sources you have read as well as a list of sources you have not read but believe you will use in your essay.

-  Format all sources according to proper citation format as put forth by your professor.

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