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How to Write Research Essay

The research essay is a well-known and general task in higher education. This is a kind of cogent essay, but if you decide to repeat somebody else’s ideas or quote another’s opinion you will get stuck in the topic selection stage.  The conception of the research essay seems very simple, but it is only at first blush. This essay will take you through the hundreds of other similar works and will ask you to compare the thoughts of other writers with you own.  And that’s why you should choose your own unique topic or take a part of someone’s theme and try to develop and increase it.  It is also possible to take some thesis and to project it onto other conditions. The process of research paper writing includes source material studying and expressing it with your own words.  Any research paper begins with topic or problem description. There are some tips listed below.

  1. Topic selection: cautiously choose between the topics you are familiar with.
  2. Seek for the ideal topic: the ideal topic means choosing between the branches you know the best.
  3. Make one page essay which will set out the topic of your research essay, the description of the plot and a short books list for other students to have something to consult with. It is also necessary to mention the problems you are going to discover and discuss.
  4. Ask yourself as much questions as possible: to make some prompts for yourself write down these questions and topic comprehension and execution will be easier and quickest.
  5. Set realistic objectives: do not set the tasks you won’t be able to achieve. Look at your topic deliberately and take a practical approach to the matter. If you knowledge about the topic is weak try to learn more before work starts.
  6. Concentrate on the research body. As usual this part of the research is divided into some headlines that express different aspects of your work. And it is very necessary to decide what parts should be in and in what order.
  7. Make the conclusion: as usual it is the summarization of your arguments and ideas.

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