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How to Write Review and Critique

A critique is a kind of essay intended for book, movie, poem or similar creativity work evaluation. It’s not similar to criticism, because there is no necessity in negativeness, and you shouldn’t write a precise review that would tell the reader whether a subject is worth watching or reading. More exactly, it provides an analysis of the subject for its meaning and purpose, referring peculiar sections or episodes to elucidate concealed meanings or possible explanations. To write a critique essay you should be possessed of appropriate previous training and experience, but the most it demands observation.

As usual the process of the critique writing includes the following steps:

  1. Watching or reading of the subject you is about to critique: the movie, poem, book etc. Try to take notice of your reactions to it: what are your feelings and thoughts, what associations it gives rise to, what emotions it initiates. Try to determine the places of the subject which provoke those feelings and thoughts – is it specific scene, element or fragment. If it’s possible, try to examine the piece several times and make some notes before beginning the essay writing.
  2. Arrange your notes into a concerted order, giving you fundamental composition of your work. As usual, the critique consists of 5 paragraphs: an introduction, three paragraphs discussing the heart of the problem and a summary.
  3. In the introduction identify the piece, the author and the basic abridgment of its intended objective.
  4. The development of the heart of the problem will take place during the next three paragraphs, yet you can add some paragraphs if you want. Don’t make a simply repetition, but try to focus on review. Refer to the proofs to support your thesis: the predesigned aim of the movie or book, could it manage with the task. You also should try to be impartial as much as possible.
  5. The last paragraph is for summarizing your thoughts and giving to the essay a well-planned conclusion.

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