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How to Write Thesis Proposal

The main purposes of thesis proposal writing are:

  • to demonstrate that thesis topic addresses an essential problem;
  • to organize the plan of data collection and receiving to help cope with the problem;
  • to identify the methods of data analysis and they are relevant to the data set.

As usual, the thesis proposal has the following structure:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Thesis statement
  6. Methods
  7. Preliminary results and discussion
  8. Work plan with the timetable
  9. Implications of research
  10. References

Let’s examine some of them in detail

Title page

  • should contain short and descriptive title (it has to be self-explanatory one), information about the author (personal data, institution, department), about the tutor and date of delivery;


  • is the short –form summary of your thesis proposal;
  • not more than 200 words in length;
  • the brief introduction of the subject;
  • point out the key statement of your thesis;
  • give an abstract about your way of subject addressing;
  • should include an implication of the previous successful work (if it is possible).

Table of contents - is the list of headings and subheadings with the page numbers.


  • must set the scope for your proposal and attract the reader’s attention;
  • should consist the explanation of the background of your studying from the extensive narrowing in on your subject of research;
  • make a viewing of the known facts about your research topic and explain its relevance to your thesis;
  • should be easy for understanding and clearly familiarize reader with the background.

Thesis statement – can have the form of the hypothesis or project statement and capture the main point of the future project.

Methods – the ways of data collection and analysis, what methods and materials will be used, with the calculations, procedures, equipment and so on. Do not include results.

Preliminary results – make a presentation of the received results.

Work plan – the detailed timetable of your work, with the main milestones indication.

Implication of research – presenting the new knowledge your project will produce and their importance for future investigations.    

References – remember to coordinate the references citation style with your tutor.

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