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Proposal Essay Ideas

As a college student, before you begin writing an upcoming research paper, you will likely be asked to submit a proposal essay first.  The first and most difficult step for most students is coming us with proposal essay ideas.

Getting Started With Proposal Ideas For a Paper

Many teachers will tell you there are no limits to your paper topic meaning your options are broad. Here is a list of general topics that can help you start getting fresh ideas.

-  Topics related to your school or university and current events happening with your academic institution (i.e. Jesuit universities hiring non-Jesuit presidents)

-  Hot topics being covered in the news or media (i.e. Hurricane Sandy and its effects on the economy)

-  Controversial topics (i.e. the death penalty)

-  Topics that allow you as a student to take on original research topics (i.e. how many young people around college campuses smoke?)

-  Topics that contribute to a larger academic landscape (i.e. how English classes are helping students applying to medical school)

Great Ideas for Proposal Essay to Get You Started

Many students need to see existing paper topics to start getting ideas for their essay. Here are additional ideas, that may help you when developing your paper:

-  Write on social issues such as: social divides in inner cities; social media and its impact on youth; violence in movies and video games and how it impacts teens; dieting and body image in today’s society.

-   Write on laws and policies in the United States such as: gun control and current laws; methods used for nuclear waste disposal and America’s policies on global warming.

-  Write on global issues such as: climate changes and glacial melting; foreign affairs, international relations and their impact on technology; sustainability in under developed countries.

-  Write on education based topics such as: comparisons of teaching methods, teaching salaries in the US; programs like teach for America and their impact on inner city schools

Where to Go for More Essay Proposal Ideas

Even with a list of topics in front of you, it can be hard to come up with the right essay proposal ideas. Fortunately, by turning to our professional essay proposal writing services, you can have the help of a professional writer who will be there to help you come up with the topic you need to get the grade you are looking for.

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